It’s the perfect time for the perfect gift for Mother’s Day (and Father’s Day, too)! Because you will be giving your parents a lasting, meaningful and treasured gift.

What is the gift?

The gift to help your mom (and dad) re-live the best times of their lives! If your parents are like most, they have taken videos and photos of the best moments in their lives, yet the videos and photos are scattered – in albums, in envelopes, boxes, on their phone, on their computer, on VHS or even DVDs. With your gift of helping them organize and curate their photos,  you can then share all those best memories, and then create the ultimate photo book or video highlights.



Once you get started, the project can break into multiple parts (and make for multiple gifts!)

Part One can be to help organize their photos for Mother’s and/or Father’s Day. This article by Amy Blankson actually calls this The Ultimate Gift: Helping Parents Organize Their Photos.

Tip #1: While you are helping your parents, be sure to ask them questions about their oldest photos. Jotting down the stories to caption a photo book or recording their stories with your phone would be a wonderful addition to highlighting their life story!

Tip #2: Encourage your family to join you in this project! Times when you all can re-live and learn about great moments are equally as priceless as making memories. And maybe even add a few of your best photos and videos, too!

Part Two can be curating the best moments and putting them into a legacy photo book, a video, or creating content for a digital frame.

Need help along the way? Feel free to call 203-329-2638 or email We can discuss your project and determine the best way to proceed.

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