I just read some stats from videobrewery.com:

10 seconds

That’s how long you have to grab the attention of viewers in a video marketing clip, (research by Visible Measures). You’ll lose 20% of your viewers in 10 seconds, about 1/3 of them by 30 seconds, 45% of them by 1 minute and almost 60% by 2 minutes.

Why do viewers tune out?

The videos shouldn’t be about you. Videos should be for your customers. If you have a clear picture of your customers, you can give them something of value that they will want to watch.
not about you copy

Perhaps you can help your customers…

  • Improve their bottom line
  • Ease their pain
  • Solve a problem
  • Show them how to do something
  • Answer their question (FAQs)
  • Get tips to help them in their business
  • Understand the benefit they will get from doing business with you

What other topics have you found helpful for your customers?

image courtesy of swiftcrowcreations.com


Thanks to Alana Kakoyiannis: 11 Tips for Taking Travel Pictures and Video With Your Phone

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Arline Melzer is a film producer with a passion to help small businesses with their online video presence, and to help generations preserve and celebrate the times of their lives.