Helping Alzheimer’s Families Bridge The Past And Present

I’ve been so gratified to help families of loved ones with Alzheimer’s or dementia re-connect through the videos we’ve created together. The common thread is that we include their best and happiest memories and favorite music for their loved ones.

What is a ‘Found Memories’ video?

Typically, it is a five-minute video with photos and music.
We also ask if you’d like to include a short video greeting.

Where do we start?

We help you include your loved one’s happiest memories:

  1. Photos – selecting ones to start conversations
  2. Favorite music
  3. Captions or even home movies
  4. Optional video greeting, perhaps telling them you love and are thinking of them.

Here is some of the feedback:

  • “We now have conversations with our dad during and after watching the video together.  Before the video, we didn’t have a way to talk with him in this way.”
  • “Our caregiver shows the video to mom every morning to help her feel comforted and grounded.”
  • “If mom becomes weepy, our caregiver told us she shows her the video, and that it brings around a change in her from tears to laughter.”
  • “I have more of a relationship with my brother and sister since we worked with Arline to create the video. It has helped us remember and renew our relationships and has helped us to be more supportive of each other.”

This is how one family created and enjoys their video :

We create each video with care and compassion for your unique family and situation. The videos can play on any or all of these devices:

  • DVD players
  • Video Frames
  • Tablets / iPads (YouTube)

Your personal, customized 5-minute ‘Found Memories’ video includes:

  • Working with you and your family to plan your video
  • Scanning and color-correcting your prints as needed
  • Photo-shopping digital photos as needed

The cost for your ‘Found Memories’ 5-minute video starts at $500.

Please contact us to talk about your video at [email protected] or 203-329-2638.

Here is a shortened version of their mom’s Found Memories video with a greeting, her favorite song and happiest memories: