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Perfect Time and Gift for Mother’s Day

It's the perfect time for the perfect gift for Mother's Day! If your parents are like many, they have taken videos and photos of the best moments in their lives, yet the videos and photos are scattered - in albums, in envelopes, boxes, on their phone, on their computer, on VHS or even [...]

Photo and Video Treasures

"I have old photos and videos somewhere..." Have you ever said that? Do you ever say that 'someday' you really have to go through your old photos? Do you have old movies and don't even know what's recorded on them? If you are a baby boomer, the answer is probably 'yes.' You might even have [...]

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College Admissions Stress? This Can Help

College admissions will no doubt be unconventional this year, and 2020 might be among the most unconventional. If you are feeling stress about applying, the article, College Admissions Steps for Rising Seniors in US News by  Tiffany Sorensen offers sound advice. It includes this focus:        "If you’re a rising senior who plans to [...]

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How To Remember This Historic Year

If you're like many of us, you have lots of photos and videos on your phone during these pandemic months of sheltering in place and social distancing, but how will you remember what it was really like? How will we record how #BlackLivesMatter has impacted our lives from now on? Especially because we each [...]

Sharing Your Life Story

Have you ever wished that you could have asked more questions about your life story? I wish I had asked so many questions to my oldest family members while they were still here. What were my parents and grandparents lives like, and their parents? When, why and how did they come to the United [...]

College Admissions Videos

Stressing over a college admissions video? Here are 7 tips for college admissions videos: 1. Make the first 8 seconds count. What would the admissions counselor want to know about you? What would make them interested to know more? It’s a bet that your name and high school isn’t the most pressing on their [...]

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Helping Alzheimers Families Bridge The Past And Present

I've been so gratified to help families of loved ones with Alzheimers or dementia re-connect through the videos we've created together. The ‘Found Memories’ videos helped loved ones in ways ranging from their becoming calm, to laughing and talking about previously lost memories. I want to share one story, Matt's story: Matt and his brother, [...]

The Most Precious Wedding Gift

A special family asked me to help them with a very heartfelt wedding gift for their niece. Her wedding was out of the country and they weren't able to attend. So, they decided to give a gift to celebrate their niece's wedding and also to represent the whole family in a loving way. They [...]

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