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It’s not our job, it’s our passion to capture and celebrate the love stories and precious memories of the most important people and moments of your life. We help you celebrate loved ones now and for generations to come. For the times of your lives, we create the gift of a lifetime.

We scan and carefully restore every photo, then expertly design every page and every photo book. We create beautiful hard cover premium photo books, printed on the highest quality photo paper. Premium Photo Books… to remember and cherish the times of your lives.

Video marketing for YouTube, Websites, Facebook, LinkedIn and all social media. First, we help prepare you for videotaping with guidance for your message, script, appearance, location and delivery. Then, we expertly videotape, and edit your video to suit your target audience

Featured Video – Memories Found

Ursula has been forgetting many of the happy times in her life and her sons don’t live near enough to visit and share memories with her that frequently. They wanted to do something that would remind her of happy times, and that would remind her that sons were thinking of her every day. They created this loving video including the very special animals she’s enjoyed so much throughout her life on the farm. They also included the one musical selection that she requests they play every time they visit.

They planned to give her the video and a video player as a Christmas present, but just at this writing, Ursula had a health setback, so they are giving this to her on their next visit.

Featured Video – Update

Ursula had a mild stroke and when she returned home, she had forgotten that she moved to her new location 15 years prior. At her sons’ request we updated the video to highlight her new home since 2002. Matt wrote and then made a video of what happened…
“SHE LOVES IT! Your ‘Found Memories’ video is a HUGE hit with Mom! I lost count of how many times she viewed it over the weekend. Lots of laughs. No sorrow.” –Matt Baier

And, the video also helped Ursula fill in memory gaps and it provided comfort, making sense of her surroundings. She also asked to see photo albums that previously just made her sad. She has now found new joy in recalling her happy memories.

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