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It’s not our job, it’s our passion to capture and celebrate life and love stories, and precious memories of the most important people and moments of your life. We help you celebrate loved ones now and for generations to come. Whether your have old photos, movies or some stories you want to tell, we weave them all into a video or photo book that is truly the gift of a lifetime.

For families with seniors, especially seniors with memory loss, we help families bridge the past and present by creating 5-minute ‘Found Memories’ videos. We carefully choose, with the family, the memories that can add comfort, start conversations and boost memory, especially when you can’t be there. The videos include favorite pictures and music, and can also include personal videos and life story videos.

Family stories give a sense of belonging, of strength and love. We help you connect beyond words alone by preserving and sharing memories that tell your life story.

We don’t let memories fade in boxes and flash drives. We scan and carefully restore every print, select the best digital photos, then expertly design every page and every Photo Book. We create beautiful hard cover premium photo books, printed on the highest quality photo paper. Premium Photo Books… to remember and cherish the times of your lives.

We collaborate and edit business website and personal videos. Personal projects include any life event from dance recitals, concerts and confirmations to sports, musical performances and other application videos for college admissions.
We transfer video from just about any format and era to DVDs, USB or other hard drive devices. Oddly, VHS degrades faster than many of the other formats, so if you want to prioritize, VHS should be on your list to do first. Don’t know what’s on the tape? Don’t worry we won’t charge for blanks or TV shows (unless you want the shows). We also transfer and color-correct photos and slides, and keep the files in the same order as your originals.

Our Products

Life Story and Found Memories products are customized for every family and every occasion. Reactions range from “The Highlight of the Event” to “The Greatest Gift of my Life.” The one thing they all have is common is that are treasures that can be shared with every member of your family. Some of the most popular products are:

Life Story Photo Montage Videos, blended with photos and music

Life Story Photo Books

Life Story Videotaped Storytelling, blended with photos and music (along the lines of Ken Burns documentary)

Video Tribute Photo Montage Videos for special celebrations

Found Memories 5-Minute Photo Montage Videos

Found Memories

Matt’s mom’s memory had been fading and neither he or his brother lived near enough to visit frequently, so Matt wanted a video that would remind her of happy times, and that would remind her that sons were thinking about her. Check out what happened…

The video also helped Matt’s mom fill in memory gaps and have conversations. And it provided comfort, making sense of her surroundings when she couldn’t remember where she was.

Here is a shortened version of the video Matt made for his mom, with her favorite song and happiest ‘Found Memories’

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