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Selfie Sticks! Banned? Where?

Love your 'selfie stick'? Be careful... Before you arrive at a museum, sports arena or music stadium, check out the list below. Jason O. Gilbert on Yahoo posts this running list of places where selfie sticks are not welcome. How do you feel about it? Do you think the list will grow to other [...]

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Top 10 Ways NOT to Make Website Videos

Can you find the top 10 things NOT to do?   1. Don't: Take video vertically. Do: Shoot horizontally. We're in a wide-screen world. 2. Don't: Hand hold your camera or smartphone. Do: Use a tripod. 3. Don't: Leave dead space above your head. Do: Position your head in the upper third like you [...]

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Good People are Great to Find

You probably know the adage about good people being hard to find. But have you ever met someone that you just knew was one of the good people? That's how it was for me when I met Stella Delimini, owner of Stellar HomeCare.   I've gotten to know Stella over the past year. She created [...]

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Good Organizing Means Good Sharing

I really like Matt Baier's Organizing philosophy:   "Organizing should be about three things: 1. Taking the less important stuff out of the way, so that we can focus on the most important stuff. 2. Finding what we want, when we want it. 3. Living in the present and enjoying the moment." I particularly like [...]

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Look 5 lbs thinner!

Did you know good posture can make you look 5 lbs thinner? Today's guest blog from Dr. Cristina Poulos of Stamford Balance, health|chiropractic|wellness, tells you how in 3 easy steps:   Good posture can make you look taller, more confident, and even 5 pounds thinner in pictures and videos! Do these easy exercises daily to [...]

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Taking Selfies? Have you wondered…

... why your selfies don't turn out as well as you'd like?   The main reason for this is that the smartphone camera quality for front facing selfies is a fraction of the quality of rear facing photos. For example, the Samsung S4 has a 13-megapixel rear camera but a 2-megapixel front camera. The [...]

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Don’t Take It Personally, but…

...I believe it's always personal, even if it's business. Why? Have you even sent an email with questions you need answered for business matter, only to get just some of them answered? Have you ever sent an urgent email that requires an immediate response in order to meet a deadline? What do you do [...]

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Why Web Video for Small Business

From increasing your website's rank in google to converting views to business, web videos have a proven track record to increase your online effectiveness. Chelsea Perry's post on business2community.com says it all. 'According to INC, a video is 53 times more likely to have a first page result than any other form of traditional [...]

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Easiest Way To Take Great Holiday Videos

Have a look and a laugh! And spread the word!   Thanks to Alana Kakoyiannis: 11 Tips for Taking Travel Pictures and Video With Your Phone provided by Business Insider Arline Melzer is a film producer with a passion to help businesses with their online video presence, and to help generations preserve and celebrate [...]

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A lifetime of photos

I found this article from Michelle Nahom had some good ideas to keep your photos for a lifetime... From Shoebox to Album - Organizing a lifetime of photos Organizing photos by themes is one good way to start. Another is by year, then by family member, then theme. This way, you have a ready grouping [...]

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