Can you find the top 10 things NOT to do?

1. Don’t: Take video vertically.
Do: Shoot horizontally. We’re in a wide-screen world.

2. Don’t: Hand hold your camera or smartphone.
Do: Use a tripod or stand.

3. Don’t: Leave dead space above your head.
Do: Position your head in the upper third like you would see with a news anchor.

4. Don’t: Eat or drink on ZOOM or in your video. Unless your video/ZOOM is for cooking.
Do: Prepare to speak as for your best client.

5. Don’t: Only use your smartphone for audio filming.
Do: Use a microphone or record the audio on a second phone close to you. Then, match up the audio.

6. Don’t: Wing it.
Do: Practice so you can speak clearly without ah and um hesitations.

7. Don’t: Look at yourself on screen.
Do: Look into the camera.

8. Don’t: Disregard the background or your attire.
Do: Make the background and your appearance appropriate for your business.

9: Don’t: Disregard background sound, such as from the tv, music or your phone.
Do: Make sure you film or ZOOM in a quiet area. Silence your phone before ZOOMing or filming.

10:Don’t: Forget the call to action.
Do: Tell your target audience what you can do for them and give them next steps.

Thanks to Marilyn Miller of United Obligations for purposely creating the above ‘What Not to Do’ video.

Please tell us if have other video tips on what NOT to do – or – what TO DO for website videos.

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