Recently I worked with Matt Baier on a video for his mom, Ursula. She had been forgetting many of the everyday and happy times in her life. Neither Matt nor his brother lived near enough to visit that frequently, so Matt wanted a video that would remind her of happy times, and that would remind her that sons were thinking of her every day. This is just kind ‘found memories’ video we love to create.

We talked about highlighting the constants in her life… her sons and the very special animals she’s enjoyed so much throughout her life on the farm. We also included the one musical selection that she always requested her sons play for her any time either of them visited.

Just after we started working on the video, Ursula had a mild stroke. She returned home, but she had forgotten that she moved to her new location 15 years prior. So, we updated the video to highlight her new home since 2002. Here is what her sons, Matt and Simon, had to say about Ursula’s and their reactions to watching the video.

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Arline Melzer is a film producer with a passion to help generations preserve and celebrate the times of their lives, and help those with memory issues re-live and enjoy their happy memories again.

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