New Video Tributes to Celebrate Life

Video Tributes can be the greatest, most touching gifts. Check out this totally new way of creating one! Ask friends, family and acquaintances from your loved one's lifetime to send their own photo of themselves holding a sign honoring your loved one! A wonderful dentist, Dr. Maryann Lehmann, came to me with this unique [...]

Family’s Stories From One Generation To The Next…

"The most important gift..." I met with quite a woman to discuss documenting her family's values and life stories. She spoke so beautifully about what 'from generation to generation' means. She told me that her sharing family's stories and values is the most important gift she will ever give to her children and grandchildren. [...]

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Ordinary Moments Boost Happiness

Would you ever guess that ordinary moments boost happiness as much as a vacation? Jessica Stillman's article in, 5 Ways to Apply the Latest Research on Happiness, was an eye opener for me. And I should have known, without Harvard's research, that simply looking back at life's many moments can bring great happiness. [...]

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Preserving Precious Moments and Memories

You can capture precious moments every day. Preserving precious moments can be as ordinary as recording your gram as she recites a recipe, or filming your child's pretending or talking or dancing (especially if not aware you are there). Simone Costello just published a beautiful article, How To Capture And Preserve Memories With Loved [...]

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