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Ordinary Moments Boost Happiness

Would you ever guess that ordinary moments boost happiness as much as a vacation? Jessica Stillman's article in Inc.com, 5 Ways to Apply the Latest Research on Happiness, was an eye opener for me. And I should have known, without Harvard's research, that simply looking back at life's many moments can bring great happiness. [...]

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Preserving Precious Moments and Memories

You can capture precious moments every day. Preserving precious moments can be as ordinary as recording your gram as she recites a recipe, or filming your child's pretending or talking or dancing (especially if not aware you are there). Simone Costello just published a beautiful article, How To Capture And Preserve Memories With Loved [...]

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Say ‘Thank You’

Have you ever heard a parent tell their child to 'Say Thank You?' Everyone has probably heard it - and - anyone with a child has probably said it! But is it possible we are teaching our children to express thanks - just for presents? Do we have to teach that having and expressing [...]

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Do smartphones now rule for business videos?

How do you feel about YouTube's verticle videos?I just read Darren Orf's article in Gizmodi, entitled: Youtube Is Making Verticle Video Less Awful Because Humans Never Learn If Youtube and Google are now accommodating verticle video for users of smartphones, do you think most businesses will put out verticle videos for the mobile market?   [...]

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Video Is Good Medicine

by Matt Baier, owner of Matt Baier Organizing My friend Arline Melzer is doing a terrific thing with her ‘50 First Dates’ Project. Creating a daily video greeting for Alzheimer’s patients is something I can relate to on a personal level and a professional level. My father didn’t have Alzheimer’s, but he had dementia. [...]

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Selfie Sticks! Banned? Where?

Love your 'selfie stick'? Be careful... Before you arrive at a museum, sports arena or music stadium, check out the list below. Jason O. Gilbert on Yahoo posts this running list of places where selfie sticks are not welcome. How do you feel about it? Do you think the list will grow to other [...]

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Top 10 Ways NOT to Make Website Videos

Can you find the top 10 things NOT to do?   1. Don't: Take video vertically. Do: Shoot horizontally. We're in a wide-screen world. 2. Don't: Hand hold your camera or smartphone. Do: Use a tripod. 3. Don't: Leave dead space above your head. Do: Position your head in the upper third like you [...]

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Good People are Great to Find

You probably know the adage about good people being hard to find. But have you ever met someone that you just knew was one of the good people? That's how it was for me when I met Stella Delimini, owner of Stellar HomeCare.   I've gotten to know Stella over the past year. She created [...]

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